The Ultimate Internet Terrorist

by Robert Merkle

The Ultimate Internet Terrorist Author Robert Merkle Isbn 9780873649704 File size 12 60MB Year 1998 Pages 152 Language English File format PDF Category Information Technologies This is an owner s manual to the Darkside of the Web Read it and weep Then do what it takes to save yourself from becoming roadkill on the Highway to Hell Download 12 60MB Attract Visitors to Your Site The Mini Missing Manual Nginx HTTP Server Second Edition Online GIS and Spatial Metadata Second Edition Accessing and Browsing In

Publisher :

Author : Robert Merkle

ISBN : 9780873649704

Year : 1998

Language: English

File Size : 12.60MB

Category : Information Technologies













How Hackers, Geeks, and Phreaks
Can Ruin Your Trip on the
Information Superhighway. . .
and What
You Can Do

to Protect








The Ultimate Internet Terrorist:

How Hackers, GeelCan Ruin
on the Information Superhighway . .
Wat you Can Do to proteit you"rself'
by Robert Merkle


Copyright O 199g by Robert Merkle

Chapter 1
Terror Mail in CybersPace:
The Anatomy of the E-Mail Address


Chapter 2
Electronic Stalking:
The New Frontier


Published by paladin press, a division
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Boulder, Colorado g0306, USA.
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Chapter 3
Chat Rooms:
The Good, the Bad


Direct inquiries and/or orders to the above

Chapter 4
Extreme Countermeasures:
Survival in the Electronic War Zone


Chapter 5
Cybergangs and Codeslingers:
Terrorist Bands That Roam the Highways of
Cyberspace Ready and Willing to Take You Out


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Printed in the United States of America

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are.tradeln:rl_t belonging to paladin
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portion of this book may be reproduced
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without the express written permisrion
of tt" puUtirt r..
Neither the author nor the publisher assumes
any responsibility for the use or misuse

information contained in this book.


and the Dangerous

The Uhimate lnternet Terrorist

Chapter 6
The Wonderful Art, Life,
and Science of Downloading:
Free Software for Fun and piofit
Chapter 7
Black Archives:
Forbidden Files from the Darkside

A Final Word





The author would like to thank the following people for
their welcome interest and patience with the creation of this
little book:



Gionassimo, for the use of his immense library of icons
inspiration and
]ason Kraft, always a welcome source of

colorful backgrolnd (thanks for getting me through
many a
|ason Chambers, who allowed me to bounce
strange idea off his fertile imagination

ChriJCraft, f.or putting up with mybizarte questions and
being a friend for some 20 odd Yearc
Dar# JohnsorU who knew this project would reach the world
Brendan Hynes, VCA stitl lives on in our hearts, O Striding One
The Avenger's Frontpage

(http:/ / f rcvengel),



repository of maYhem
and congrats for
Jeif (who will remain anonymous), props
his contributions and hacking
And all those nice Paladin people, for giving me a medium to reach all of you, my wonderful readers ' ' '



The information and techniques described
in this book are
potentially illegal, and neither -the author
,r* p""u]irr,".
will be held liabre for their use or misuse. The
"o, use or misuse
of this information could result it', r"rio.r,
criminal penarties or
other not-so-nice things. This book ir'prururt"
d for academic
study only!

rFlhis book is the most comPlete
and dirty tricks

colection of methods, hintt tips,
used by hackers, geeks, and phreaks you will ever
find. All these tec-hniques are culled from active soldiers who
roam the Internet underground in search of fresh victims to
terrorize . . . and they are all easily accessible by you'
That's the best part about it: this book is designed with the
knowledge that mbst of you do not have the privileges of a
licensed frivate investigation firm andlor a law firm's unlimited acceis to expensive high-tine services such as P-Track or
U.S. Datalink. You, the average American user of a PC connected to the Internet, can and will be using the techniques
described herein the second you read this book they're all free
and open to the public. Again, these tricks and methods don t


require yo.t-uj informaiion in other books may-to be a
licensed-Pl or attorney with mega bucks to "sign on" to services, nor do they require a degree in computer science'
In fact you don't-need programming experience at all to
fully utilize this manual.
if you think 'C' is just another letter of the Latin alphabet
take hlart; you'll be just fine. (Howevet, if you think- a "server
error" has something to do with tennis, welf you and I need to
talk.) In any eveng after a thorough read of this handy little
tome of haiting magic, you'll be cruising and surfing the 'net
with the best of hackers to search for information on anyone ' ' '
or to stop others from doing it to you!
But be warned: read this book and you'll put it down
doomed to spend several sleepless nights wondering how badly
slippld information to unknown forces on the'net'
You'lfwonder who knows what about you'
You'll wish you had performed the steps outlined in the
"Extreme Countermeasuies" chapter before you even bought
your first comPuter.
But there is still hope. Read this book cover to cover twice
before you even think about going on-line ever again' Then

The Ultimate lnternet Terrorist


ask yourself

if vou do ever want to get back on the
tf you do, then at r"ast yo,.r;iii;;;";ht;;i;d.i,1'oroo,

through with-the'windows up and
the doors rocked.
You'll know the right thlngs to saf
to the hostile natives to
keep your ass from gettin! *urt"i
on_line. i' Jorri"'.ur"r,
you'll even have the etectrinic equivalent
of a Colt python
'357 Magnum under the driver'r r6"i .:.
This is, thery an owner,s manual
to the Darkside of the
web' The manuar that nobody iuitr about
and that never
came with your computer. . .
th" orr" rfr" *iif
to a whole new realm of things, gr"u1u"a
"p"J;; "y",
Almost no one ho.*ri
percent of the information
contained in this wonderfur
rittre book. por ir,rtur,"-e'i" a"
course of writing this book, I
casually i"t"r"i"*"J,r",r".ut
D's in
them if they knew about
information on the web. Not onJ
further discussion about topics later
covered herein, one ph.D.
in computer science went sb far as
to say
ble,and maybe even illegar- to hu"u th"ii;;;iriiorrr_
more than one e_mail
address. rllegal? Impossibie?
I have i+ ain"r"rrt e_mail address_
es as of this writing, and I could
have 14 more if I so desired.
This bookwin Eiimin";-.h;;;.,1rur,""
and yours as well.
The "lnformation Superhighwlyll-r,
un attractively pack_
aged product talked up by slicl
me!ari*"..".p"r"'it# L u.,"
next religion" with nary i whit saia"abr"t
new, admittedly awesome technologf.
Ilis sold Uy
commissioned sales clerks in brigfii
shmy stores"i""ffy^rff.t
where one
hardly has time to consider u*u.iry
what the Internet is and
what, exactly, these dangurc u.". f"iu.r,
r, * impossible to buy
a new PC today withouithe
Information Superhighway neatly
tucked.inside, just waiting to u"
on your househord.
Unleashed? Well, wha-i rs there
to *orry ibout? Certainty
the fresh-faced suit and tie at
Circuit City
new Monstro Xlg00O,(with _urp_rp""d that sold you the
modem and 600X
CD-ROM drive) would U" q"i.t
ti olurn yor of any dangers".g.



in letting your 13-year-old daughter hop aboard thelnternet
.*rnp"t:rrited . . . rightl And I'm sure the box that holds your
,r"* Mor,rtro XL80b0 is littered with warning stickers about
how dangerous it is to download ANYTHING over the'net
and into your pristine hard drive. Right?
Well, ,r.rrp^rir", friends and neighbors-none of those
things is widely known oL worse yet, taken seriously by
rnorIp"ople. The Internet? It's iust something safely caged in
u .ornp.ti"r, right? After all, it's not like your L3-year-old'
talking to a "friend" in Japan or France, could naively give
and be abducted two weeks
out th"e family phone
-Hasn't numbe.
happened? Yes. It has' Or you, loyal
later . . . righl?
Monstro X|AOOO owner-what about that neat file you just
dropped into the hard disk? Is it even now eating away the
1.rru.hi.r"', innards? Tomorrow, what do you think the odds
are of that $3,000+ machine becoming as brain-dead as
Sunny Von Bulow?
fhint it couldn't happen? Not to you? Think again' The
Internet is a tool and deserves respect. It has no conscience: it
can entertain your family for hours with chat rooms, help you
locate an Asiin bride from Thailand or China and let you
browse the TV Guide for free in the comfort of your living
room (try http:/ /
Hell, you can even leatn how to get stoned out of your
mind on over-the-counter cough medicine at:
http: / / / drugs


But the'net can also reach out through that brightly colored monitor and into your life, tearing up everything it finds.
Believe it.
Simply making an innocent
The 'net can be dangerous.
banger in a hacker's chat
comment to a hard-core
put out on- you' If
room at the wrong time can get
the offense is serio-us enough, they won't stop at e-mail bomb-



The Ultimate lnternet Terrorist


either, they,ll interfere in your RL (Real
Life) affairs. In
.words, you could earn yourself a lifetime contract
involving swarms of hackers.
Respect. That,s the first lesson.
What you are reading
wlll give- you respect. plenty of
respect' And bear in mind1gw
that the irnderrying pr,ii"r"pny .r
this manual is the important pu.t. ettno"griy;;
exact addresses and lines of code herein"toitu.t
field is, far too plastic to preserve the.specifics yo,, o,rr, ,nr,
for anything
more than several y"g, after publication.
6n the
'net is time-sensitive. Therefore, you
must keep ,rp ,?in
rent events and technology on thl Internet
It,s up
yo', then, to get on{ine-and start amassingyourseli.
materiar now so
you can stay one step ahead of the people
#ho would Jo yo,
harm on the Highway.
You can do this by reading any and all
current magazines,
both virtual (e-zines) and rear"(if tfr"y stilr
exist when y?.r-."ua
this) devoted to the Internet una t# Internet
underground in
particular' Visit sites such as
and for
privacy-related issues. Also, check out
the wJ rit" n."tty
Good Privacy" for hot securitv tios.
If these services do not exisi at'this time,
then scan for others
with search engines such as Info.eek or Lycos.
Ur" f."y _o.a,
andphrases such as,'privaq,, or ,,security
on the internet.,,
Stay_tight with your people on_line .
. . especialty in chat
rooms. This is probably the ULst way
to stay apprised of cur_
rent events and revorutionary changes
on thl ,;Jt.
with hackers and read what in"y r"Ea, as explainedG;il .ior"
later on in
this book. Become a.hacker yr;;;;'if
you wish, of knowing you
3r".ffit" of defenainfy""rr"ff

on-line and wasting people at witt



aggressive; after all, it,s the best defense.
watch cable shows (on the sci-Fi channel,
cNN, pBS, etc.)
that have relevance to the nigf,*"y. ihi,
1:r;';;;;"#", *
learn about new Web sites.

And most of all, follow the Creed' Follow it to the letter'


Those are the breaks, and I wanted you to know-that
aII smoKrng
the get-go. So let's do this thing' Please extinguish
materials and buckle Your ass uP'
Welcome aboard the Highway to Hell'

Ghapter 1





read this chapter you'll
A fter youhands
trembling littlt. PerhJps your


noti." for.,,



seem too dry. You'll start to think,
What hazse I slipped? IMen? To whom? IMere? Is it too late?
And it will be too late, because odds are you have already
slipped. You will never feel safe sending-or even receivinge-mail again; your world will become a little darker. A little
more watched.
This is my solemn promise to you, gentle reader.
Is your e-mail address a self-contained, secure mailbox?
Nope. Is it as anonymous and private as a P.O. box? Nope
again. E-mail is, despite what the commercials and sales clerks
tell you, unlike any medium in the Real World. It says a lot
about you; as we will shortly see, it is like a neon sign pointing to your private files stored in computers the world over.
Sometimes I may need a key to get in your box, but all I need
here is an electronic one. And these "keys" are all over the'net
in many, many forms.
So read on and educate yourself. This will be your first
lesson in electronic self-defense and awareness, guerrilla
warfare style.

Let's dissect an e-mail address and see what's inside.
(Note: we'll use the word "addy" as a synonym from this
point on for e-mail address and "RL addy" to mean your
Real Life street address.) What's a good addy to start with?
How about the following, entirely typical, example:
29599 [email protected] oats. f arm.

It is obviously much easier if the addy in question is something like [email protected] But most experienced users on
the Web know this is like walking around with a "kick me"


The Ultimate lnternet Terrorist

Terror Mail in CybersPace

sign on their backsides. It doesn't take
a superhacker to simply go into a service such as swit"rtf."ta..rr"
Merkle (as explained in tne-t"par on ""a ,ypJir., n.
stalking via the
cough up a group of very close matches. you
mlght not know my first name,but given
the wild .urdli,, th"
computer will do all the work iJr'yo".
It will cough up

The first thinq I, Mr. nad_ass_iacker_Who_Wants_To_
w'r see is that

telltale "ed7r" at the end. This makes me happy, because now
I know you are at a huge school somewhere, and I know that
schoolslnvariably have very user-friendly gopher databases,
which I can exploit. Such databanks are accessible by anyone
at absolutely no cost. These big, fat gophers are just brimming
with data ott personal ftfe. Computers are funny that
way. Believe me -he.t I say computers like dealing with
humans. They honestly want to give you the information; all
you have to do is ask them in the nicest possible way.that you
can in their language. Computers don't like security' They
don't cooperate with it at all. They don't promote or care
about privacy in the slightest. For me, Mr. Bad-Ass Hacker,
that's very good news indeed.
But lei'Jsay you don't attend college; you work for IBM or
Motorola or some huge corporate giant. Are you protected?
HelL no. For you that could be even worse. Worse than smoking. The company you work for-I swear uPon my hand and
ey-u to the Patron Saint of Hackers-isn't secure when it comes
to anybody with an interest in figuring out who the Real You
is. I can utilize these same techniques in your company's Web
site-sometimes harder to do, sometimes easieq, than a university's network. just depends on the system. Nobody is exempt
heie.That's a first very important lesson to internalize.
Continuing backward (hackers always do everything
backward, and for good reason: it always works), we come
across " aslJ." I am really excited now because "asu" is the
place where all your personal files are stored safely away' But
what and where is azu? Well, common sense will tell me that
Somethingthis is most likely a huge state school
Something Univeriity. Good, but how to know exactly which
one? Simple: type in"http:f /" in your b_rowser's "go t6" window. Takes you right to the front door. Or, if I
like, icould jump to or or any other
huge Internet directory and search for "ASu" and use some
intEiligent fishing. Works either way' But I'm jumping ahead a



Roy, Rory etc. Cross_r"i"i"r,"rrrg
geographical infor_
mation will point out the real ,,rmerkle.,,
It's just that simple. And that dangerous.
The name given here, ,,Mern",;fi,
uncommorL so your
matches will be very tight. If the
,ru_" rs a comm
Smith, Jones, etc.-the tist is harae.
u'a will take some extra
searching, but this is hardly i-porriUf".
In fact,
engines.becoming more and more ,,intelligent,, with search
(", i";;;"r_

;:flu'il'"ff ::iltlTil


*:i;il,ff ;m n:;

in which you know Ih" p"rron to il;".But the hacker
to go one step further; he needs to
crack out the RL 19eds
identity iro- u ,trir,g of nonsense like

z9 599 [email protected] farm.,,

Barry, the popular humor columnisf
wrote, ,,. . . to
make an e-mail addreis for yourself
simply catch u'rq,ri.r"t
and let it run over your keyboard.,,
yo.uld certainly seem to. suggest that this ; iil .lJJ.
i". ,,
isn't to the trained eye. The t"rXinea
uy" of the hacker.
And to his eye it is your whole hfe.
But most user"_evln the experienced
ones_seem to feel
q addy is secure. Or they feel an ,,alias,,such
"[email protected],, in place of their
masks their iden_
tity while on-line. Both are *ronn.
Look at the addy again: [email protected]
let's run it backwara uia ,"u *huiu
hu.tu, *ho,, Uu"r, Aoi.,g
this a while can shake out of ,".n-,tq,rirrel

The Ultimate

lnternet Tbrrorist

tad, so I'll back up for a moment and look at the next piece of
the puzzle: ""
What the hell is oats? Is it something fed to horses? Well,
not in this case. Here is the su6-server to which you
are attached at ASU. The word itself means nothing, but since
I know it, this means that I can really look legit if I go that
extra mile and contact the school via e-mail or snai'i mail.
Worth.a shot. Maybe I forgot my password, and with a good
gnoug-h story the person on the other end of the phone c"ould
"just this_ once" slip it out to me. This is a distinci possibility.
Because I know your exact addy. I must be you.
As a way of illustrating this poin! let me take an anecdote
from my own life. wh.ile in college I made the terrible mistake
of writing a letter to the campus newspaper for publication.
My account information was suppressed-(a way of keeping
your information suppressed on the Highway, as-explained in
another ghapte-r) so that someone off ihe street couldn,t dig
into my files. The editor needed to verify it was really me wh6
wrote it and so tried to access my name on the hoit campus
computer. Drawing a blank, he then contacted the Registralion
Office, whichthen-Jesus H. Christ-spilled my RLpLone and
streg! address right oaer the phone. So much for-securlty!
Now let's look at that last mother of all squirrel tracks,
"2959946." Do you have to have a degree in computer science
to decipher it? of course not. Because that strange bit of fluff
at the start is nothing less than your personal log"-on ID number. (This is also sometimes referred to as your uiername). If I
had your password, either by fair means or foul, I could get
you in a pit of shit so deep you'd need a backhoe to dig your
way out. It all depends on how much of a son of a bitcli i am.
Arrd between you and me, I, Mr. hypothetical Bad-Ass
Hacke4, am a pretty mean SOB.
But for now, let's say I'm huppy right there and then. I,m
in a good mood today because I don't have to work the weekend shift or something, and I just want to call you on the

Terror Mail in Cyberspace

phone and tell you how much I enjoy your presence as a fellow brother in the Church of the Internet. What do I do now?
Well, I have typed in http:/ / and waited a brief
second for the homepage to load up, and now I scroll through
it. I see the full name of the school is Anywhere State
University. I see it is located in Kalamazoo, Michigan. I know
the approximate region in which you live. The computer is
breaking its friggin' neck to tell me. It simply can't wait. I
haven't even asked it for anything, and it is already midwifing
the jolly news to me. And, of course, not a thin dime have I
spent. I scroll through some more and see a box that reads,
"Phone Directory." I click on it with a huge smile spreading
over my face. I am 95 percent of the way to viewing the
Essential You. At this next screen-the nameserver gopher
database-I could type in any combination of letters in your
name with the appropriate wild cards, as explained previously, and start digging your files out. But right now I only have
your log-on ID, so you're safe, right?
Nope. You're just giving me info I would eventually want
to know anyway. It's just a little topsy-turvy.No problemo, as
they say. In this next sectiory let's look at the three magical
ways a sufficiently adept hacker could rip out or convert your
RL identity from our sample squirrel tracks.

What you need to do now is pop back into Infoseek or
Webcrawler or what-have-you and click in the Search window
to start typirg. (Note: to access that particular service we
always use http:/ /; never go through the
hassle of Netscape's homepage directory to find it.) Type in
"finger gateway" and hit "seek." You may think of a "finger
gateway" as a Web site devoted to identifying e-mail owners.

It does other things, too. For

instance, typing in
will show you

"" and hitting "submit"

Thq Uhimate lnternet Terrorist

Terror Mail in Cyberspace

"aIias" of [email protected]? We cannot finger that addy directly;
come up blank every time. What to do? TWo things.
First off, go to the Web site and kick around for
"aloha." Check everything we talk about in this chapter to see
if you can't get a real name directly or a "trl)e" addy (the root),

such as [email protected] or some other such nonsense. This is the addy that we can finger successfully.
But if you can't do this? Try contacting the person
through e-mail and have him send a response, which you can
then dig through. Send him a letter concerning "are you the
same guy I knew in Hawaii, blah blah blah," or whatever's
appropriate. When he replies you then examine the transfer
protocol and decode "aloha's" root addy (paying close attention to the header marked "X-sender").
Remember, n6v7-//[email protected]" is the alias; the root is
"[email protected]". We want the root, not the alias.
Cracking out the root from an alias is a whole separate
subspecialty in and of itself. It's a matter of juggling names,
geographical locations, and wild cards in a variety of services
(see Chapter 2, "Electronic Stalking," for more information).
An example of a successful crack of an alias would be something like "[email protected]!" which as it stands is unfingerable. You can determine this yourself by fingering a given
addy to tell if it's the root or not.
Let's say it isnl! where to go from there? Look at the name
left of the @ symbol. I already knew this guy's name was
Brendan (hence the "bre") so I went to and typed in
"Brendan" for first name and "" for the domain and
a wild card ("*") for the last name. It coughed tp hrc full name
and thereupon proceeded to give me his full address. Wheeeee!
You can crack something like "[email protected]"-if you
know nothing about the person-by having the person e-mail
you or going into's file server (as explained below in
detail) and hacking around.
You can also try requesting the [email protected]
to crack the alias for you. This is usually quite effective. The
finger gateway services will have additional information on
how to get in touch with a particular "cyber-postmaster." This
is a free service and will not arouse suspicion.
Looking for something a little spicier? Okay, try cracking



everyone logged onto that server. Neat, huh? Think of it as a
sort of universal crystal ball for the Internet. The exact "search
string" you type in to find these "fingers" may vary as systems change terminology over time, so you may need to modify it somewhat to get optimum results. Your search for these
"gates" will respond with many different matches. For our
purposes, we need a service that is open to the public (almost
all are) and provides ample support for the new user (as in
ways to get around servers that will turn over with a rude
"connection refused" reply.) From the search engine page,
simply clicking on the blue URL hot-link in the search screen
brings any listed service into your computer.
Now type the target's addy into the search window. If the
finger is successful it will take a minute or so and vomit up the
target's real name and other public informatiory such as major
in college if your target is a college studen! or position in a certain corporation if he or she is employed in a company that
actively keeps records on the Internet. (Don't for a second think
YOU are exempt from this; many companies have Web pages,
and if they do, odds are the finger will dig into these files.)
If the finger is unsuccessful, odds are you have come up
against someone's "alias" e-mail addy. This is nasty business
and something we'lladdress in about two clicks. But for now

you might want to simply hit the "back" button on your
browser and try the next one on your lisf actually, it can't hurt
to try a number of them, but keep in mind that, for the most
part one gateway is identical to the next. Like the Terminatoq,
sooner or later it will find you.
Be careful doing this, as there are a few rules of syntax you
must follow to ensure a successful search. Remember that

it will



The Ukimate lnternet Terrorist

Terror Mail in Cyberspace

your way into the school's or company's server and just lifting
the target's files out of the memory banks directly. It has a certain Mission: Impossible flavot to it that I find irresistible. Find
the term "ctacking" a little intimidating? Don't! After reading
this book you'llbe hacking, phreaking and cracking along with
the best of them. It takes practice and a little heart. That's it.
Okay, remember we're at http:/ / Well, try entering the school's "electronic phone book." No, we aren't ready to type
in a name for the narneserver search just yet, but we need to look at
the phone booKs URL in yow "go to" display. This is serious trouble for the target right here . . . and seriously valuable information for
us. The URL you see will point you to the school's file server.
Hackers rub their hands together when the term "file servel' or "ph
server" is mentioned . . . and for good reason: it's like the fabled pot
o' gold at the end of the rainbow. Every server is slightly different, so
you'll have to fish on your own and see what works to get in.
The first thing to do is to truncate the URL (again" one does
this backwards). For example:

Type that into your "go to" window This is where the fun
starts. Now you are into a deeper layer than the straight-up
phone book. You're starting to delve into the bowels of the
network. What will-typically-come back is a screen full of
forbidden delights: e-mail databases (local, national, and globa1), "hidden" sub-phone books in the campus network, and
detailed instructions proaided by the seraer itself showing how
you (when reading "backwards"), a hacker off the streef can
penetrate these systems even more deeply. Once there, you try
eaerything you see . . . it's all free and untraceable.

From that point it becomes academic: just explore and
keep typing in that "[email protected] . . ." until something good
coughs up. In technical parlance this is referred to as "scanning" and is L00-percent legal; we aren't breaking any laws,
simply wandering around inside a state school's or huge corporation's computer net while keeping our hands to ourselves. We are not hacking or breaking into anything at this
point . . . just intelligently using what's publicly available.
Scanning for gophers can be done on the Web directly using
Webcrawler or Lycos, etc. For our example under discussion we
could search for "gopher AND asu AND servers." This will
reveal things we might not otherwise have known. Definitely
worth the shot. (Sudr gophers will often have such catch or
hook phrases as "Free to All" or "Open Access" to stand out
from the 481,000 or so matches you'll return with. Hackers
damn near scream with orgasm when they see such words.)
Another thing you can do-still within this second of
three methods-is to telnet into any sub-servers within the
overall (for our purposes: network you are privy to.
We would try, in this example, "cott:r" and "oats." This is outside of the Web under UNIX.
We type in something like telnet://, or
telnet:// we've found in our
searching expeditions. Some systems will let you in automat-



gopher: / / / -nameserver


. . . could be truncated to:

gopher: / /



The Ultimate lnternet Terrorist

Terror Mail in Cyberspace

ically or will prompt you with the appropriate log-on ID and
password. No work involved. Others may require a hard-core
scanning op to kick out the server's password. Sooner or later
you will get in.


Obtaining a particular username's password is yet another entire "realm" in the world of hacking and is a tad beyond
the scope of this book. For this information I recommend surfing the Web for hacking/cracking sites, which will give you
ream upon untold ream of information on attrition-style hacking. (Not sold in any stores anywhere, but free to you, our
loyal customers.)
Once inside, simply type in the following:

[email protected]

Now the computer will tell me who you are in RL, when
you last received mail (and if you have any new mail), and
when you last logged in and for how long. Isn't that nice?
Incidentally, this first-class level of service is also available
using those "finger gateways" we just talked about.

cough out some of the person's equivalent RL information.
This is something we could not do in the Web-based nameserver phone books.
I, personally, highly recommend this method.
Lastly, if you or someone you know works at the company or attends the school in questiory you can enter the username under telnet "oats," for our hypothetical example, and
enter the appropriate password.

Let's assume we have a name on the target after using the
above methods. Well now, you see, I can go back to the
school's original nameserver (where we originally were), type
it iry and then-and this is the crucial part-add "return all"
to my request. If my target hasn't suppressed his information-and I guarantee he probably hasn't-I now know any
and all of his phone numbers, pager numbers, addresses, age,
faculty position, major in school or position in a company . . .
in short, everything I Mr. Bad-Ass Hacke4, would need to
know to systematically drive you into the ground.
You might be saying (and shame on you if you are), "I am
a God-fearing, tax-paying U.S. citizen without a crime to my
name. I don't have anything to be afraid of. Nobody's got the
knife out for me . . . right?"
Well, just remember an actress by the name of Rebecca
Schaffer. She was all of those things, too. Major hint: she did
not exactly die of old age. Believe me, people get aictimized on
the 'net for no sensible reason whatsoeaer. Think it over.



Once inside the UNIX system, you just type in "gophe{'
at the first command prompt. This brings up a menu like the
one we saw after truncating the URL of the e-phone books on
the Web (the forbidden delights screen alluded to above).
But it contains special phone directories in which one could
type in "[email protected]" or "[email protected]"
and hit enter. The computer giaen the user account alone wlll

The Ultimate Internet Terrorist

Terror Mail in Cyberspace

still blinking on thousands of screens, and sooner or later
someone will take it literally. They might take it upon them-

But for now, I'll play the part of Mr. Bad-Ass Hacker intent on
"just" ruining your day. Why would I do this? And does it really
matter? I'm a hacker . . . and I'm out for blood. That's all you need
to know. Maybe you pissed me off in a chat room. Maybe I was
running black or "lurking" (see the chapter on chat rooms for
details), and you gave out your e-mail address in a "private message." Howevel, you are totally unaware that I entered the same
name as you did when logging into the chat room. Now I can see
all your private whispers to anyone else on that site. And I'm curious. I want to see who you are . . . maybe give you a call in the
middle of the night. Muyb" I'm an ex-girlfriend, and I want to see
what your new phone number is. You see?
I can be anyone. Anyone at all. That's another important
lesson. But is that all? Absolutely not. In fact, it gets exponentially worse.
Now let's up the stakes, for the sake of argument, and say
I am not too fond of you. You might say-hypotheticallythat I hate your guts. Well that's sort of a problem, now, isn't
it? Now that I know all your RL data I can do not-so-nice
things to you. If I know your name I can find out other things
about you. If you and I were talking-just shooting the shiton pow-wow last night, does that mean I can be trusted?
Hell, no! I could be a total and complete asshole in RL.
If we traded e-mail addys and I wanted to stick you a little, I could now post yours on 2,000 or so pedophile newsgroup sites, intimating that I would appreciate inquiries to my
vast collection of porn at an amazingly low price.
Or I use your addy as a log-on handle in a whole slew of
sleazy chat rooms. Not hard to do at all. Instead of "laden,
The Pissed-Off Snowbunny" or "Bubbles," we now have
"[email protected]" saying how much he/she
admires the KKK and what a shame it is that blacks have to
live in the United States. Think that'd get you noticed? Sure,
seasoned users would know it was probably some fool playing the revenge game . . . but some wouldn't. Your addy is

selves to report the addy to the Webmaster (the head honcho
who oversees and maintains a particular Web site)-or to the
FBI. Or still other hackers (some worse than I) might take up
the chant in other rooms from sea to shining sea . . .
PreW soon you'll wish you were living in the DarkAges and
that you had never bought a computer in the first place.
Can I be an even worse bastard? The answer is yes. Maybe
with your real name I do a Social Security number search nsing
an on-line information broker service like I
request all your checking account records and post them all
over the Web. Think that'd throw a crimp in your day? Do I
have your attention now? Good, I hope so. For your sale.
But the Web is just a colorful, fun computer program, just
like the Microsoft commercials make it out to be. Uh-huh.
Better think again. People can really get hurt here, and you'd
better find out how to protect yourself in a hurry. Either that
or throw the computer away and join a monastery.
I can clone your addy. Yes, I can. It isn't hard at all. Using
what are known as anonymous WebMail services (try, as discussed in "Extreme
Countermeasures"), I can create a new account, which may
read "[email protected]" in place of the genuine

"[email protected]"
Not the same. But close. Close enough to fool a lot of people into thinking I am you. To put the pudding on the pie, I
can write some of your business associates and tell them that
"the fucking server screwed up and ate my account so I had to
change it." No one will ever doubt this. Eaer. Now, when they
respond (usually with all sorts of personal info that there is no
way I could have otherwise known), I can morph into you. I

can-with sufficient knowledge of you and your dealingselicit and cause all sorts of havoc in your professional and personal life.









The Ukimate lnternet Terrorist

Terror Mail in Cyberspace

This is where it could get serious. No more chat rooms and
prank calls here; this could be corporate espionage. But for
now, suffice it to say I could get you in shit. A ton of shit. Shit
so deep the proverbial backhoe couldn't dig you out. I have
become you.

Cyber-terrorists, like their RL cousins, use bombs to wreak
havoc on their targets. After alf what self-respecting terrorist
doesn't have an arsenal of bombs and other tools of mayhem?
For our purposes, a hacker intent on mayhem uses what are
known as "e-mail bombs." They are a popular topic in the
news these days . . . so let's see what they are.
A"bomb," you say? Does it make my computer explode?
No, of course not but it creates an electronic explosion in your
e-mail account. And the shrapnel doesn't consist of nails,
bolts, and wing nuts like the Olympic Park bomb in Atlanta;
it's message after endless message with perhaps nothing more
than "fuck you" written inside.
Fuck you. Doesn't seem like muclu does it? But these add
up quick; it's like a single bee sting multiplied by a hundred

thousand. It adds up, and sooner or later it starts to hurt like
a motherfucker. We are talking hundreds and perhaps thousands of messages. Every single day.
Think that would get old fast?
Yeah. It would. How does it happen? Easy. The hacker
simply goes to his favorite underground hacking sites and
selects from a veritable banquet of mayhem and mischief
consisting of-among other things, which we will get into a
little later-auto mail-bombing programs, which he then
downloads and executes. These always have charming
names like "Up Yours! V3.L," "Homicide - Win95,,, or
"KaBoom!" and for some mysterious reason seem to convey
a sense of heady power when used. When you getyour first
mail-bomber up and running, you'll soon start to believe
you can crush anyone on the 'net with impunity. That's a
good feeling.
You'll come to love that feeling.
So do hackers. They'll "spam" you (hacker-ese for the
repeated sending of messages) to virtual-death. And believe
you me, my gentle reader, if you've ever had the experience of
waiting for 800 e-mails to download under Eudora, you know
what I mean by virtual-death. Don't expect it to end any time
soon. These programs almost always have special features,
such as an "eternity" buttott, which, when seleited, will bomb
the target of your choosing forever or until you shut it off.
Whichever comes first.
True hackers never elect to stop it.
This is especially cool for destroying corporate computers.
The terrorist will bomb every addy he can find within a certain DNS (an acronym meaning domain nameserve4, such as
"example.coh"), and in very short order the computer willas direct as a bullet to the brain-choke to death on the sheer
volume of cached mail overload. This usually results in a
crashed domain. . . sometimes temporarily (a day o. so), and
sometimes permanenthl (as in forever). This wonderful effect



Talk about lnaasion of the Body Snatchers!
I_did this to my roommate in college. I sure did. I simply
sent him a message using a WebMail drop-box (explained in
the "Extreme Countermeasures" chapter) and pretended to be
one of his buddies out of state. He bought it hook, line, and
sinker. He gave "me" a whole slew of personal information I
could have never knowru and he still has no idea in hell he
was taken.
Now just think if instead of just wanting to josh him a little, I'd wanted to really hurt the little booger. He'd still be in
deep shit right now.
Lucky for him I'm a nice guy,huh? :- I





Terror Mail in Cyberspace

The Ultimate Internet Terrorist

may be accomplished simply by

transfer protocol) with a fake address. These "scripts" can be
found at the larger h/p/v/a/c (hacking, phreaking, virus,
anarchy, and cracking) sites, as explained elsewhere in this
section. Some mail-bombing programs do this automatically
under Windows, thus alleviating the mental torture involved
with programming in UNIX. Simply put, SMTP involves telneting to port 25 of.your host and monkeying around with the
mail commands; just examining the UNIX literature in your
shell documentation should give you the basic tools to come
up with something yourself, should you be so inclined.
WebMail drop boxes (e.9., netaddress/mailmasher/hotmail/, etc.) can also be used by the neophyte bomber
simply by hitting "send" 50, 100, or however many times.
This is traceable in that if your little geeky friend uses a private SLIP account ("Serial Line Internet Protocol//-ftffis is just
tech-head speak for a private connection to the Internet, much
like a private phone line), he can be found. But the real pro-the
top echelon-never uses a SLIP. He uses a huge computer lab at
a library in a medium-to-large cIty, a university's computer lab
terminal ("term"), or a shopping mall's public access terminal.
Shopping mall terms are becoming more popular-literally-each day; soon every mall in America will have terms
right out in the open, and quite a few do already. In this age of
mass advertising, companies such as Microsoft and Digital
could hardly afford not to exploit such an obvious avenue for
their latest products.
Other sources for public terminals are community colleges
and museums (obviously, natural science museums are better
for this thary say, fine art galleries). "Library" is often a common root password for terminals like these and will grant
immediate Web access. Failing that, typing in long strings of
nonsense at any and all log-in prompts will often crash to a
drive prompt. Finger down to the c: drive, change to (cd\windows) an appropriate directory, and type in "win." Nothing
more needs to be said, does it?


[email protected] or something similar.
Also, hackers delight in "feeding" yor:r addy to newsgroup servers, who in turn feed it on to other systems. The
beauty of this method is that the hacker has somebody
else (usually dozens of other mindless computers) doing

his dirty work for him. This is called "chaining," and it
goes on eternally. Believe it. (As a special bonus, the
above-mentioned bombing programs, which you can
download, often have built-in mailing lists-"chaingls//which will delight you to no end.)
Novice "geeks" just go into their e-mail server's application (Eudora, for instance) and enter your server name
in the return slot, your addy in the "send" window, and
your addy again in the "sent from" window in the
Configuration sub-menu. (We'11 talk about this again in
the section below on anonymous mail.)

Soon you'll be punishing yourself by sending messages to yourself day after day after duy . . .
Now this isn't, in the purist sense, true bombing,
since it requires so much manual effort, but I wouldn't
want to put up with it. You can also use this technique
to send mail under someone else's name to cause all
sorts of bullshit to transpire. Believe me, it's done all the
time. (Be careful-always remember that your IP will
come along and say hi for you. Fair warning.)
The more veteran UNIX users know command
sequences (called "scripts" in the arcane lingo of computer science majors) that will perform a SMTP (simple mail






fhe Ultimate lnternet Terrorist

Terror Mail in Cyberspace

How can the pro download and execute on a public
Not hard. Again, it's beyond the scope of this
book, but it is child's play to blow the locks off File

Manager and the like. Hackers love to reboot the machine
and hold down F5 or F8 to crash into DOS. I didn't tell you
that, though. As we've seen abov e, if. a token rr"rname/password is required to get on the network, simply
typing in a string of nonsense and hitting enter will sometimes take you to a drive prompt (e.g., "f:" or "z:"), arrd
from there all one would have to do is fish around to alter
the start-up files. (If you're lost at this point and think I,m
writing about utter insanities, then you need to read a
book or two on basic Windows procedures. Windows for
Dummies is a great one.)
Also, don't worry if those grayed-out, undeletable
"armo{'-style products are getting you down. You can defeat
them easily by simply typing in "fdisk f mbr" at the DOS
prompt. This gets you back to the Master Boot Record.
Believe me, sister, that's a good thing. From there it's just a
matter of judiciously applying the Vulcan nerve pinc[ andala-kazsm-you can delete the pesky boogers from the C:\
prompt! Of course, while you're there (and believe me, it's
not my intent to turn all you fine folks into DOS programmers . . . I wouldn't do that to you), suffice it to say all you
need to type in is "edit autoexec.bat" at the DOS prompt to
start cutting up those pristine system files to suit your own
perverted ends.
Cyber-terrorists sometimes also use preloaded floppy
disks (boot disks) that contain custom batch start-up files to
force the machine into DOS. Such files are often deliberately
littered with errors to electronically strangle the machine into
crashing. A second disk is then slipped into ye olde A: drive,
which contains files to alter the machine's configuration.
These disks are referred to as "sleepers" or "slamm ers" by
those of us in the know and can get you into places keystrokes







can't. lJse with cautiory for the ass that will be caught and
prosecuted is thine own.
Here's a sleeper routine you'll really enjoy that a banger
friend of mine (I interview this cat later on in this book . . . stay
tuned) let me in on. It's a quick and relatively painless way to
blast into DOS while working with a computer that,s
"locked." In other words it has no File menu, thus preventing
you from exiting into DOS. Now why on earth would they
want to do thatfHmmm . . .
Well, being information soldiers with limited time and
many contracts to fulfill, we need to get over this in a hurry.
You'll need a 3.5-inch floppy disk with "COMMAND.COM.
and "WINHELP.EXE" preinstalled. Put this ,,slammer,' disk
into the machine you need to hammer open and get into Write
(under Accessories). Now just select file - Op"", and open
COMMAND.COM on your A:\ floppy. We want .NO CONVERSION." Finally, save the file as (Save As under File)
Get out of the Write application and choose Help Contents (or - Search) from the Program Manager,il
crash down into DOS sure as shit, no worry. To cover your
tracks (this is mucho importanto), move the WINHELpEXE
that's on your floppy back to C:\WINDOWS\WINHELP.EXE.
This wjll stop the system guru from noticing that something,s
up with his shit. Have fun to your heart's content and remember that getting back into Windows is as easy as typing in WIN.
Neat, huh? But remember: it's your ass, not min"-. And I,ll
"disavow" you if you so much as breathe my name.
Computers are, and you've probably noticed this yourself,
extremely prone to a good, solid crash now and again. And
again. And again. This works in a hacker's favor to the
extreme. Typirrg in periods, lines, or other "wrong,, symbols
when the machine insists on having letters only (such as in the
case of a log-in name) will often cause the machine to grin
sickly, give you the finger, and crash into an.ungainly DOS

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